West Plano Montessori Academy is celebrating over 30 years at our current location and provides an intimate neighborhood setting with a caring staff that have multiple years of experience.  Here you will find information unique to this school including programs, school highlights, and admission information.

Our rich curriculum integrates cooking, gardening, music, art, and Spanish with math, reading, writing, history, botany, zoology, physical science, and geography.

We seek to ensure educational quality through small class sizes, low teacher/child ratios, and close communication with parents. Our faculty and staff members come from all over the world. This diversity translates into a broad range of cultural experiences for our students. Our function is to furnish excellence in the educational field. We want to help young people grow and develop in a way that is most conducive to a happy, healthy life. Laying a foundation for a love of life-long learning is our goal. 

Our Original location in Plano offering an intimate home-like Montessori environment since 1982

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